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The average cost to clean a wool rug is $3 to $7 per square foot, depending on the type of wool and if it's machine-made or handwoven. Professional dry cleaning or hand-washing full saturation wool rugs is preferred. : Wool rugs can last a lifetime with regular cleaning and maintenance. This is another one of those rug cleaning myths , which is often re-iterated by unqualified cleaners in our industry. A silk rug can be safely dry cleaned, of course, but the end result will be nowhere near as effective as washing. Id go so far as to say its pretty pointless. Alexander’s Rug Care is a family-owned rug cleaning service serving the Greater Seattle and Everett areas. We pride ourselves on our customer service and pursue best practices to preserve your rug for future generations. Our 11-step rug cleaning process ensures your rugs are properly washed, cleaned, and cared for using only the highest quality cleaning equipment.handy house cleaningThey don't provide a refund, even when they fail to honor the agreement. In my case, they have twice so far canceled my house cleaning with one hour's notice. If I fail to give 24 hours notice of cancellation, I have to pay a , penalty. For them, no notice, no penalty. They told me they were having trouble finding cleaners in my area. And if the no shows , are a problem for me, I can pay the $99 cancellation fee. So how long does this go on? Three cancellations, five, ten? Forever? This is an irresponsible company with horrible customer service. Close</li><li>How ToHow To Household Items The Swiffer impressed our testers most when testing the maneuverability of the mop, which can get into tight corners with precision. Longer-term at-home testing has found this feature useful for cleaning under kitchen cabinets and in the tight space between the toilet and the wall. Testers also liked the quick clean up—tossing a used pad in the trash is fast and doesn't require rinsing, cleaning, and storing a bucket, either.sears cleaning carpetThe bottom line on these two carpet cleaning companies is that they both even out in the big picture. It is easier to estimate your costs with Sears, but if you calculate it by square footage you may even save money if you go with Stanley Steemer. They both have great , reputations and satisfaction guarantees on their services. You probably couldn't go wrong going to either one of these companies for a thorough cleaning of your carpet. The home side will take away two major issues from this game, the first being Jack Hughes’ injury, incurred on a second period hit from Oliver Wahlstorm and the second being P.K. Subban’s ejection from the game, incurred after he pummeled Wahlstrom following said hit, which in real time looked clean albeit unfortunate. Never get stuck with a dead smartphone again with this pocket-sized portable charger. """""""


can i wash my rug

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